New 5 Yr Global Outlook

It’s official!   After months of in-depth research, analysis, writing and review, our report has published and is now available.

Extensive details of revenue across global markets, industry applications, and technologies are provided, with granular models that include full open description of quantitative drivers and factors behind the numbers.   Industry focus is pharma (R&D and safety), but models also include cosmetics and chemicals.  Technologies include:

Immortalized cell lines, primary cells, stem cells

Foundational equipment and disposables

Equipment used in transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics

Equipment used in ‘cellomics’ including imaging, flow cytometry, other high content screening, label-free, automated patch clamp, and electrophysiology

Cell-based assays: kits, reagents, and disposables

Bioinformatics: gene expression classifiers, functional classifiers using pathway maps and networks, QSARs, model-based drug development

Biomarkers,  drug rescue/repositioning, precision medicine applications

Please enjoy this overview, and contact us or BCC Research (details below) for more information.

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