“The whole focus of medicine in the future will be on single individuals rather than on populations of individuals”, says Dr. Leroy Hood of his vision for ‘P4  medicine': Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, and Participatory.

Inspired by the visions of Dr. Hood, along with Dr. Eric Topol and others of a future powered by systems biology, data, and biosensors, Predict-Medicine is leveraging broad experience to help bring this vision to reality.  Please enjoy the site and participate in the opt-ins, and feel free to contact us at: rhunter@wave-pt.com.


Robert G. Hunter is a senior management consultant, commercialization consultant and technology and market analyst with over 20 years experience in life sciences and healthcare.

He is the author of the BCC Research reports “Metabolomics: Technologies and Global Markets” (BIO055B), “In Vitro Testing: Technologies and Global Markets” (PHM017E), “3D Cell Culture: Technologies and Global Markets” (BIO140A), and forthcoming “Companion Diagnostics” (BIO077C).

Recent consulting includes market/technology analysis and forecasting of customer adoption and revenue for a high content screening (HCS) technology leader. He is an early investor in a company using stem cells for predictive drug safety testing in vitro.

Recent thought-leadership includes articles in the area of precision and personalized medicine, biomarkers, predictive drug testing and systems biology.




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